Your life will be as bright as the noonday sun. Job 11:17

It’s All Under Control

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The Bible tells us (at least six times) that Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father in the heavenly places (Acts 2:33 and 5:31, Colossians 3:1, Ephesians 1:20, Hebrews 1:3, Romans 8:34).  Don’t you just love that about the Scriptures – how the truth can be cross-referenced again and again?

I love, too, just the image of this – that Jesus is seated at the right hand of God, the Father.  He’s not standing.  He’s not pacing.  He is seated – above all rule and authority, above all power and dominion.  Everything is under Jesus’ feet!  He is seated at the right hand of God.

And what does this mean?  He has it all under control!  He’s not worried.  He’s not caught off guard.  He’s not panicky.  He’s not engaged in a wild texting frenzy.  He’s not scrolling through his phone contacts trying to figure out who to call.  He’s not without a plan.  He’s in control.

And there is still more! We are ascended and seated with Him in the heavenly places (Ephesians 2:6).

So on this Monday morning as you return to work or school, as you go to that doctor’s appointment, as you walk into that meeting, as you make (or answer) that phone call…, just remember that your Lord and Savior, Jesus, is seated in Heaven and you along with Him and that He has it all under control!


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