Your life will be as bright as the noonday sun. Job 11:17

Sponge or Rock?

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In the wake of the trend toward more natural and organic lifestyles that will reduce toxic exposure and increase overall health, more people are using natural sponges for bathing.  In addition to just being super chic looking on the bathroom counter, sea sponges are a renewable natural resource.  They are also hypoallergenic, toxin-free, natural exfoliators!  As if all of that wasn’t good enough news, sea sponges are also super durable because they are resistant to abrasion.

When you buy a loofah sponge in the store, likely it feels as hard as a rock.  Despite this appearance and even this texture, it’s still a sponge, and there is tremendous difference between a sponge and a rock.

If you place a rock in water, it gets wet.  That’s pretty much it.  Surface appearance might change, but the interior remains unchanged and the rock remains hard.  Place a sponge in water, and almost immediately a change is noticed.  The sponge absorbs the water into its every pore allowing the water to change it.  The rock resists the water; the sponge receives it.

In Acts 22 Paul shares his account of his conversion and how he was confirmed in the change that he made from persecutor of Christians to follower of Christ.  Paul calls those who would know God’s will and also God’s power to baptism to receive Christ and to become personally acquainted with Him.  Paul calls us to be sponges – to receive Christ, to let Him soak into our very pores and change us.

It’s not our nature to be sponges; we are more prone to be rocks with hardened hearts. Disappointments, sickness, death, job loss, financial struggle, contrary teenagers, broken relationships, missed promotions, joyless days…  The world screams to us, “Harden your heart!”

Tony Reinke says, “A hard heart is an obstinate and calloused heart blind to the precious value of the gospel and Christ” (Romans 11:8).  Rock or sponge?  Resist or receive?  Embrace and trust Christ or reject Him?  Despite the situation the choice is yours.

Are you operating as a rock or a sponge?  “Hard hearts,” says Max Lucado, “never heal.  Spongy ones do.”  Soak up the promises of God and let Him change not just your situation but your heart!


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